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What is it?

Whether you are looking for clean, safe air to breathe at home, school or work, PurelyAire™ Proven-Pure-Air is verifiably your best option to “breathe easier” as we say!

Why is it best?

  1. Top performing contractors: We combine the most capable and vetted installing/service contractor network in the country.
  2. Unmatched pure air: They apply what has been determined to be the Highest Output ION Technologies™ available today.
  3. Proof before you buy: Your installing/servicing contractor will prove its efficacy, before asking you to buy.
  4. A great result: it produces the cleanest air, does so safely, and at a truly reasonable price.

Who are your local contractors?

There are plenty of contractors, suppliers and parts sellers who peddle one form of air purification system or another. And some of them are ok if you are just buying IAQ hardware. When you closely examine our contractor providers, the Highest Output (HO) technologies they apply, and the fact they prove to you first its efficacy, you will discover the most potent air purification solution available today!

The PurelyAire participating contractors and their service techs are your neighbors. We chose them because of their reputation, their capabilities and their commitment to serving you beyond the installation.

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How do our contractors
prove pure air?

Our contractors prove the performance of their air purification systems using a combination of scientific measurement tools and methods.

Measurement Tools:

Our contractors use different meters to measure the before and after counting of Ions/Second (IS) and Particulate Matter (PM). With these measurements, they are able to demonstrate the exact effective of the IAQ systems they install. Examples of tools used to prove our IAQ performance.

Measurement Methods:

Contractors have a method of capturing the data and then reporting it to their clients. It can include plotting the collected measurements into a spreadsheet and to a chart.

Providing you actual impact data of how effective their IAQ systems are at making, safe, clean air – is how they differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

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